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USA, English, 81 mins

  • Director: Arthur J. Bressan Jr.
  • Writer: Arthur J. Bressan Jr.
  • Producer: Arthur J. Bressan Jr.

CGiii Comment

An important film...the first to deal with HIV/AIDS.

It is very preachy and rough around the edges...but, Mr Bressan was flying solo on this one...he did the best with what he had to work with...and, remarkably, avoiding trite sentimentality.

Arthur succumbed to AIDS in 1987. RIP. Thank you.


The(ir) Blurb...

This is a drama about a person with AIDS. It is the first American film to dramatize the subject. The story is about friendship and love, but it also presents the facts about AIDS known at that time.

Cast & Characters

Geoff Edholm as Robert Willow;
Damon Hairston as Gym instructor;
Joyce Korn as Lynn;
Billy Lux as Edward;
David Rose as Steve;
Libby Saines as Mrs. Bennett;
David Schachter as David Bennett;
Susan Schneider as Sylvia Douglas;
Tracy Vivat as Nurse

From the same director:


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