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Carlos Jauregui: The Unforgettable Fag

Country: Argentina, Language: Spanish, 84 mins

Original Title

El puto inolvidable. Vida de Carlos Jáuregui
  • Director: Lucas Santa Ana
  • Writer: Gustavo Pecoraro; Lucas Santa Ana
  • Producer: Alberto Masliah

CGiii Comment

An important film...not only for Argentina...but, for the whole LGBT community-at-large...Carlos Jauregui is a not only a part LGBT history, he wrote that history in his native country.

Unsung and almost forgotten, until now...Lucas Santa Ana presents a film that does this remarkable man the justice he deserves.

Why is this man and film important? An easy question to answer...he dispensed effective, non-radical activism. He put his neck on-the-line, publicising himself as an out and proud homosexual...for all his countrymen to see. It was bold. It was brave. It was effective.

He challenged the catholic church's legality and morality. He insisted that the LGBT community be just that...a, lesbian, transgender & transvstite...all together, fighting for the same cause!

It took time...but, he got results. Results he - sadly - did not live to see.

Many a modern-day activist could learn from this man...he was clear, grounded and decisive in his approach. He did not engage in petty squabbles about objectives that could not be attained. If activism is not effective...then, it's not activism! It's squabbling!

Compiling this film was not an easy task - there were no cell-phone-cameras then! Lucas Santa Ana, obviously on a labour-of-love dug deep...and, thankfully, his painstaking research and hard-work has paid him another string to his a fine documentarian.

Thank you for telling Carlos Jauregui's story.


The(ir) Blurb...

Visibility for the LGBT movement in Argentina wouldn't have been the same without him. This is the life story of Carlos Jauregui, the most recognized LGBT activist from the 80s and 90s in Argentina.

Cast & Characters

Marcelo Ernesto Ferreyra as Himself;
Gustavo Pecoraro as Himself