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Japan, Japanese, 60 mins

Original Title

  • Director: Shoko Nakajima

CGiii Comment

What the hell is Yaoi manga?

Listen up...this is going to get a little weird!

An animated genre that specifically focuses on romantic relationships between male characters...however, not explicitly aimed at a gay male audience!!! Most readers - and writers - of yaoi are actually female. Yaoi frequently never involves much more than light romances between its beautiful young [male] characters.

Anyone catch a whiff of penis envy?!? A masturbatory mechanism for teen-girls?!?

Hey...who are we to citicise...boys have been jacking-off to lesbian porn for decades. Why can't teenage girls do the same [albeit with a non-explicit, saccharine-soaked cartoon]?

Now that we know what Yaoi manga is...is it worth watching?

No. Not in a million years...unless you are a sexually frustrated teen-girl with a certain proclivity for badly-drawn [animated] gay boys!

Seriously...this has no relevance in the adult world, gay or otherwise!


The(ir) Blurb...

A relationship between two high school second years, Licht Sajo, who is an honor student, and Hikaru Kusakabe, who plays in a rock band.

Cast & Characters

Hideo Ishikawa as Manabu Hara;
Hiroshi Kamiya as Hikaru Kusakabe;
Kenji Nojima as Rihito Sajo

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