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Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks

Country: USA, Language: English, 90 mins

  • Director: Matthew Watts
  • Producer: Nancy Glass; Matthew Watts; DJ Dodd; Jon Hirsch

CGiii Comment

Few people can [or would want to] upstage Jeffrey, facial paralysis takes centre stage! Nancy Glass' botox reigmen may have gone too far in the wrong direction.

Every journalist wants a Jeffrey Dahmer...Nancy Glass was in the right place, made the right calls at the right time...and interviewed the world's most infamous [and most documented] serial killer. So...apart from facial paralysis, does Ms Glass bring something new to the table?

Indeed, she does...mostly hyperbole and self-congratulatory back pats. It all amounts to sensationalising, dramatising and capitalising upon Dahmer's vile legacy.

However...what is revealed is the ineffectualities, the incredible incompetencies of the investigation that [eventually] led to his arrest. With a string of [sexual] convictions, he was known to the authorities...well, he fell off their radar time and time again.

Jeffrey Dahmer was declared 'legally sane' to stand trial...his abhorrent crimes against humanity tell a different story. His remarkable transparency [as to his crimes] give pschologists and students [the world over] a vertiable feast to devour and theorise...but, as always, it all comes down to one question: Nature or nurture?

Dahmer on Dahmer - unsurprisingly - does not answer that question.


The(ir) Blurb...

'Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks' offers a fresh look at the infamous serial killer's life through the eyes of the woman who became his closest confidant. With new interviews from pivotal figures in the case, the series sheds light on the grisly and complicated investigation. Looking back on her first interview with Dahmer, Nancy highlights on-and-off-camera conversations detailing Dahmer's disturbing crimes through his own words, giving insight into his dark, depraved manner and reasons for killing. The two-night event offers an in-depth look at the man and monster that was Jeffrey Dahmer with new and exclusive interviews from those closest to him, including parents Lionel and Shari Dahmer, who haven't spoken about this case or their son publicly in over 20 years, and surviving victims Billy Capshaw and Preston Davis, who have decided to finally break their silence about what happened to them. Their unique experiences with Dahmer throughout various stages of his life expose a serial killer unlike any other -- one not motivated by the impulse to kill, but rather the desire to exercise control.

Cast & Characters

Pamela Bass as Herself - Former Neighbor;
Fred Berlin as Himselrf - Forensic Psychologist;
Jerry Boyle as Himself - Jeffrey's Defense Attorney;
Lionel Dahmer as Himself - Jeffrey's Father;
Shari Dahmer as Herself - Jeffrey's Stepmother;
Park Dietz as Himself - Forensic Psychiatrist;
Nancy Glass as Herself;
Cameron Guile as Jeffrey Dahmer;
E. Michael McCann as Himself - Prosecutor;
Dennis Murphy as Himself - Homicide Detective;
Owen Vitullo as Young Jeffrey Dahmer;
Kevin D. Benton as Detective #2;
Billy Joe Capshaw as Himself - Formey Army Bunkmate;
Preston K. Davis as Himself - Served in Jeff's Unit;
T.J. Doyle as Detective #1;
Mike Kukral as Himself - Classmate;
Roy Ratcliff as Himself - Minister;
Martha Schmidt as Herself - Classmate / Sociologist;
Lynn Slaby as Himself - Former Prosecutor;
Joshua Spudeno as Police Officer