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Australia, English, 99 mins

  • Director: Grant Scicluna
  • Writer: Grant Scicluna
  • Producer: Jannine Barnes; Kristian Moliere

CGiii Comment

A stunning first feature from the Iris-prize-winning auteur...Grant Scicluna.

An atmospheric post-mortem of a truly horrific crime in the Australian hinterland...and it all revolves around Reef Ireland, a young man recently released from prison after being convicted, as a child, for that unforgivable crime...he delivers a performance that is as broad as it is talented. Every emotion is packed into these 99 minutes.

The scale of this first feature could easily put veteran filmmakers to shame...everything is engineered to fit the moodiness. Behind every good film, there is a plan...and, Grant Scicluna certainly thought long and hard...you can almost hear his thought processes...the cinematography has excelled in delivering those thoughts and images onto the screen.

But...it's the writing that soars...when there's good writing for good actors...a film can soar. Despite the grime and grim...this film soars.

Sexuality in the backwater has never been so intoxicating...or, depraved!

A director with an envious potential!


The(ir) Blurb...

James has served time for drowning a little boy when he was a child, although the body was never found in the river. A visit from his victim's mother upon parole sends him on a quest to find the truth. With little time and danger at every turn, James risks his freedom and his life to uncover the trail of sins that might give closure to the grieving mother.

Cast & Characters

  as James Levy;
Kerry Fox as Paige Levy;
Robert Taylor as Wayne;
Helen Morse as Mary;
Tom Green as Anthony;
Charles Grounds as Damien;
Lester Ellis Jr. as Joe;
Eddie Baroo as Garry;
Lee Cormie as Trav;
Steve Mouzakis as Gianni

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