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Fire Island

USA, English, 41 mins

  • Director: Alan Miller
  • Producer: Alan Miller; Joseph Gerbino

CGiii Comment

Who watches this?!? Reality-TV?!? C'mon, it's a real as their on-screen personalities!

Really...who is interested in watching vacuous men-children in various stages of undress traversing the spectrum of camp?!?

We hear a few are! Inexplicable.

We lasted 5 minutes...


The(ir) Blurb...

Fire Island is set to follow the exploits of six young gay men – Justin, Patrick, Khasan, Jorge, Brandon and Cheyenne – as they spend a summer together living in a beach house in the New York state gay mecca.

Cast & Characters

Khasan Brailsford;
Brandon Osorio;
Jorge Bustillos;
Patrick McDonald;
Cheyenne Parker;
Justin Russo

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