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Giant Little Ones

Country: Canada, Language: English, 93 mins

  • Director: Keith Behrman
  • Writer: Keith Behrman
  • Producer: Allison Black

CGiii Comment

Not the usual run-of-the-mill, rites-of-passage, coming-of-age, coming-out...this is one special little film.

First off...Keith Behrman does what many directors don't [or, can't]...he actually manages to capture that elusive essence of 'youth' - helped [enormously] by a blisteringly good soundtrack. The joie-de-vivre is amplified by the immaculate beauty of the two be young and beautiful, the idyll...that is, until it snaps!

Giant Little Ones becomes 'ugly' in next-to-no-time...but, what sets this story apart [and makes it soar] boils down to one giant humdinger...that crazy little thing called: Presumption!

Once upon a time, teenage sexuality was a [predictable] harem for hysterical, in these days of mass information and social media...[teen] sexuality seems to ebb and flow...leaving many [temporarily] high and dry on the tidal plain...or, [permantently] stuck in the mudflats...that is, until the next wave comes along and sweeps them off in a completely different direction...or, drown. You either sink or swim...that's sexual fluidity for y'all! young adults have the whereabouts/thereabouts to really/fully understand their burgeoning sexuality? Not in a million years! Keith Behrman, most decisively, asks that question. And...the answer is as vague as fog! And, quite rightly...Mr Behrman takes it a little further by proclaiming that this fluidity is not - solely - the realm for the young!

Quite brilliant...this is a script that has been - painstakingly - fleshed out. There are no right or wrong answers...but, there are consequences. It would be wonderful to see where these two boys end up in - say - 10 years time. That's the power of this feel totally invested in these young [and beautiful and painfully familiar] lives.

With some 'packing' comic relief, a beautifully composed reconciliation, toxic masculinity and violence...and, with perfect music, faces and performances...Giant Little Ones is a titantic...of emotion. Will Franky and Ballas drown or swim? And...what of Mouse? We are left wondering and supposing and presuming...what a lovely way to be left!

Truly...this is one very special film...a coming-of-age Titan. Thank you, Mr Behrman.


The(ir) Blurb...

After sharing an experience that permanently alters their long-standing friendship, Franky (Josh Wiggins) and his childhood pal Ballas (Darren Mann) engage in a protracted feud that serves as an outlet for their repressed feelings. Returning to feature filmmaking after a 16-year hiatus, Flower & Garnet (VIFF 2002) director Keith Behrman mounts an impressive comeback with this finely observed and frequently poignant study of identity and its boundaries.

Cast & Characters

Maria Bello as Carly Winter
Kyle MacLachlan as Ray Winter
Taylor Hickson as Natasha Kohl
Kiana Madeira as Jess
Peter Outerbridge as Nic Kohl
Niamh Wilson as Mouse
Josh Wiggins as Franky Winter
Olivia Scriven as Deanne
Darren Mann as Ballas Kohl
Cory Lee as Ms Soo
Stephanie Moore as Angie Kohl
Jeff Clarke as Coach Klassen
Hailey Kittle as Priscilla 'Cil'
Evan Marsh as Connor
Carson MacCormac as Michael
Troy Boudreau as Driver