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He Loves Me

Country: Greece | UK, Language: English, 74 mins

  • Director: Konstantinos Menelaou
  • Writer: Konstantinos Menelaou
  • Producer: Konstantinos Menelaou; James Pearcey

CGiii Comment

The 'blurb' makes it sound so much more interesting than it actually is...

What it [actually] porn...tedious [cerebral] porn! Yes...this is an example of the thinking-man's porn. Porn has gone all millennial! Porn is matter how much thought went into all boils down to...

Two men fanny-ing around on a beach...discarding their privacy and shamelessly showing their tackle, bits and butts. Some will call it art...or, [even] artful. Is it a guilty pleasure or sinful voyeurism?'s still porn...and, like all's a fast-forward to the money-shot! Ooops...there are no money-shots!!! That's thinking-man's porn for ya!

The truth of the doesn't take alot of talent to take your clothes off in front of a just takes alot of balls! And...this film has plenty of balls and [way] too many boring bits!


He Loves Me (2018) - Trailer from KOSTAKIS on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

What happens when two gay men in a disintegrating relationship leave the big city to spend some time alone, together in nature? Is it possible for nature to reveal the truth, their true essence and help them to change? Can these two wounded men; traumatised, hurt, lost and desperate on a remote beach find a way back to innocence? Is there a way back to reality, back to love? Their relationship was formed against fear and loneliness. They fell in love, but they can’t handle love. They’ve both made mistakes, poisoning their relationship through secrets and lies. They suffer when together, but they can’t be apart.

Cast & Characters

Hermes Pittakos;
Sanuye Shoteka;
Thanos Lekkas