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I Dream in Another Language

Mexico, Spanish, 103 mins

Original Title

Sueño en otro idioma
  • Director: Ernesto Contreras
  • Writer: Carlos Contreras
  • Producer: Luis Albores; Erika Avila

CGiii Comment

Review coming soon...#EIFF2017


The(ir) Blurb...

A young linguist travels to the jungle of Mexico to research a language on the verge of disappearing. Once there, he discoverers its last two speakers argued 50 years ago and have refused to speak to each other since.

Attempting to reunite them, the researcher discovers a secret past—and a forbidden love story.

Cast & Characters

Fernando Alvarez Rebeil as Martin;
Jose Manuel Poncelis as Isauro;
Eligio Melendez as Evaristo;
Fatima Molina as Lluvia;
Juan Pablo de Santiago as Evaristo joven;
Hoze Melendez as Isauro joven;
Norma Angelica as Flaviana;
Monica Miguel as Jacinta;
Nicolasa Ortiz Monasterio as Maria;
Hector Jimenez as Santiago;
Jose Concepcion Macias as Fausto;
Gabriela Cartol as Marthita;
Juan Antonio Llanes as Sacerdote;
Mardonio Carballo as Silverio

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