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Kept Boy

USA, English, 90 mins

  • Director: George Bamber
  • Writer: David Ozanich
  • Producer: Haley Christensen; Laura Reich

CGiii Comment

At the 6th minute, there's the line: You don't eat in front of gay people, I haven't had a chip since I came out...

The urge to switch off was overwhelming...unfortunately, that temptation was resisted!

It doesn't matter how good an actor you are...with this standard of writing, Laurence Olivier would have struggled...

However...when the faggot, totting a machine-gun utters: Get your faggot asses out of here...

We switched off...

This really is a grotesque film...berating it further would be pointless...because the beratement would be limitless!

Limpingly grotesque.


The(ir) Blurb...

Interior designer/reality show star Farleigh Knock has a knack for keeping beautiful things around his home -- like Dennis. So when Fairleigh gives him an ultimatum for his 30th birthday to get a job or get out, Dennis goes from Kept Boy to Lost Man. Based on a novel by Robert Rodi, who specializes in gay satires on queer archetypes, George Bamber directs this dark gay comedy that shows life with a sugar daddy is bittersweet and poses the question, what is love and what is the price to keep it?

Cast & Characters

Jon Paul Phillips as Dennis Racine;
Thure Riefenstein as Farleigh Nock;
Greg Audino as Jasper;
Deosick Burney as Javi;
John-Michael Carlton as Lonnie;
Toni Romano-Cohen as Paulette;
Charles Fathy as Peter Cardones;
Vivian Lamolli as Heather;
Ellen Karsten as Diedre;
Carrie Madsen as Betsy;
Tamara Zook as Morley;
Mark Cirillo as Felix;
Scott Atkinson as Producer Michael;
David Saucedo as Cab Driver;
Sideara St. Claire as Brittny

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