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Country: Canada | Germany, Language: English | French | German , 81 mins

  • Director: Drew Lint
  • Writer: Drew Lint
  • Producer: Karen Harnisch

CGiii Comment

Someone called it bamboozling, another called it boring. Someone said it was art...and, everyone laughed.

Rest assured, there are no laughs to be had in M/M...apart from one seriously ridiculous looking moustache and some shabby dungarees - when will adults realise that dungarees only look good on kids!

As stylish as this film is, some of the interiors are design paradise...and, it is beautifully shot...only to be let down by a unforgivable malfunction in the wardrobe department. Where did they get all these worse-for-wear, ill-fitting clothes?

As with most experimental films, there is little in the way of a narrative. Visually, it becomes a loosely curated melange of random images and scenes...some of which are truly arresting...credit to the cinematographer! And, kudos must be given to the sound designer...thumpingly atmospheric.

Despite some interesting ideas and a definite collaborative talent...M/M will alienate rather than engage...which is a shame...because, somewhere in the whole scheme of things there was a damn fine film screaming to get out!


M/M Festival Trailer from Drew Lint on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Matthew is a young Canadian new to Berlin. He's come to make a fresh start, but he feels the isolation of living in a strange, new city. When he meets Matthias, he is entranced. Beautiful and charismatic, Matthias is everything Matthew wants to be. Soon Matthew's interest escalates, becoming an obsession. He begins to transform himself to embody the object of his desire, cutting his hair, getting new clothes. When Matthias gets into a motorcycle accident, the opportunity is too perfect. Matthew is Matthias. In a coma in the hospital, Matthias' waking life, dreams and memories blur. Where the real ends, the artificial begins.

Cast & Characters

Antoine Lahaie as Matthew
Nicolas Maxim Endlicher as Matthias
Nina Kettiger as Corinne
Vika Kirchenbauer as Matthias' Mother
Lynn Lahaie as Matthew's Mother
Ahmad Larnes as Karim
Antonio Onio as Nurse
Ivan Rueda as Toilet Trade

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