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USA, English, 90 mins

  • Director: Nathan Adloff
  • Writer: Nathan Adloff; Justin D.M. Palmer
  • Producer: Hunter Baker; Lisa Black

CGiii Comment

Mmmmmm...a sweet little film that suffers from its lightheartedness.

Serious issues resonate throughout...mainly that of discrimination, a girl can join a boy's sports team but a boy can't join a girl's team...this what's-good-for-the-goose ganders around the issue without really addressing it!

Adultery, financial crisis and sexuality are all dealt with an unwarranted comedic touch. Although, the sexuality issue isn't an issue...he's gay and that's that...no drama, how refreshing!

Mr Adloff obviously wanted to make a feelgood film...and, that's exactly what he produced...it's just a little too cute. Too unchallenging!

Tim Boardman delivers a competent performance....undoubtedly, if the script had made more demands on his acting ability, he would have risen to the occasion. He's a very watchable young actor.

Perhaps, Mr Adloff ought not to have played it so safe...take risks, challenge your audience...but, he may not want to be that kind of director!

As said...sweet...just a little too fluffy!


Miles Official Trailer (2016) - Molly Shannon, Paul Reiser, Missi Pyle, Yeardley Smith, Tim Boardman from Nathan Adloff on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Miles (newcomer Tim Boardman) is a high school senior who wants nothing more than to graduate, leave his rural town and move to the city to enrol in film school. Unfortunately, Miles' father has squandered his college fund on his mistress. With no cash and staring a dead-end future right in the face, Miles searches desperately for a way out, coming across a volleyball scholarship program that exists between his high school and the well-regarded Loyola University in Chicago. The catch? The only volleyball team that exists at his school is a girls' team.

Cast & Characters

Missi Pyle as Leslie Wayne;
Stephen Root as Ron Walton;
Yeardley Smith as Mrs. Armstrong;
Paul Reiser as Lloyd Bryant;
Molly Shannon as Pam Walton;
Ethan Phillips as Mr. Wilson;
Annie Golden as Rhonda Roth;
Romy Rosemont as Marge Carlson;
Malcolm Gets as Timothy Schultz;
Tim Boardman as Miles Walton;
Monika Casey as Jean Elmore;
William Hill as Dr. Meade;
Giullian Gioiello as Brian;
Meg Scanlon as Volleyball Player;
Ray Crisara as Referee Farwell

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