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Out of Iraq

USA, English, 81 mins

  • Director: Chris McKim; Eva Orner
  • Producer: Fenton Bailey; Randy Barbato

CGiii Comment

It's very difficult to take this seriously...apart from all the [filmmaking] gimmicks, the blue contact lenses, the cheesy music, the dramatisations...and, the mountain of posed photographs...something doesn't quite ring true in this tale of...what boils down to...finding a bit of dick [and a visa] during war-time!

And...as a gay couple amid the epitome of a murdering, homophobic regime...they weren't exactly subtle. Blue contact lenses will make any man look like a screaming queen...despite the IEDs in the war-torn landscape.

"The situation for gays in Iraq changed to more bad after Saddam..." - and no-one mentions the overt 'gay stupidity' that existed...c'mon boys let's film our gay party (and, keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands!). Well, it did...with consequences!

Moving on...as this 'documentary' readily does, side-stepping the serious issues...not a mention of an illegal war!!!

The couple split...one gets a USA visa, the other has to remain!

And then, in pops Michael...a self-made, philanthropic godsend! He manages - after much maneuvering - to get the other one a Canadian visa and they are reunited...ending in a cheesy wedding...with blue contact lenses and daisy chains on their heads!

It's very difficult to take this film seriously...when the filmmakers - obviously - didn't approach it seriously.


The(ir) Blurb...

Two enlisted men in Iraq, one an Iraqi solider, the other a US translator, fall in love before being forced to flee when one becomes the target of an honor killing. With thousands of miles between them, they fight to be reunited.

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