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Country: USA, Language: English, 92 mins

  • Director: Leif Rokesh
  • Writer: Maria Capp; Johnny James Fiore; Grant Harling
  • Producer: Autumn Bailey; Charles Box; Maria Capp; Grant Harling

CGiii Comment

It took three writers to come up with this...rather awkward, bogged-down-with-issues dramedy. Name an 'issue' - alcoholism, drug addiction, school shootings, suicide, grief, depression, bullying, assured, it's in this here dramedy...minus the comedy.

It took one first-time director to make that awkwardness even more so...amplifying stereotypes and clattering out the clichés one after the other...and, rounding the whole thing off with the greatest dollop of sickly-sweet's more than a stomach can take!

It took a casting director who had no idea how [or who] to cast...most of these 'teens' look nowhere near being teens. As for the drama teacher...well, a walking-talking stereotype if ever there was...who looks younger than most of his students! Then there's Clarence...cheeky chappy, brimming with confidence and charisma...with a dark side! Seriously, Johnny James Fiore did the best he could with the dialogue he was given [oops, he's one of the writers! No excuses!] and the direction he - obviously - wasn't given.

It's all a bit of a mess...with too many issues...and, an uncomfortable feeling indie film trying desperately to be mainstream...that's not what indie filmmaking is all about. Better luck next time...if there is to be a next time!


The(ir) Blurb...

Socially awkward band geek Steven (Garrett Clayton) is planning to kill himself, but then is befriended by the new quirky kid in school Clarence. They form an inseparable bond as Clarence finds creative ways to pull Steven out of his depression. Steven reaches out of his comfort zone forming stronger relationships with his father, friends, and teachers...Reach out, be kind, save lives.

Cast & Characters

Corbin Bernsen as Charles
Garrett Clayton as Steven
Joey Bragg as Richard
Bojesse Christopher as Steve Turano
Rio Mangini as Leo
Concetta Tomei as Doris
Kevin Sizemore as Jack Perkins
Wren Barnes as Mrs. Turano
Jordan Doww as Nick Perkins
Tiffany Phillips as Principal Simmons
Chelsea Cook as Ella
Grant Harling as Mr. Tony
Steven Thomas Capp as Daniel Hill
Jully Lee as Chief Najera
Maria Capp as Doctor