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Straight Up

Country: USA, Language: English, 95 mins

  • Director: James Sweeney
  • Writer: James Sweeney
  • Producer: David Carrico; oss Putman

CGiii Comment

Straight up...this is - quite possibly - the best written film of the year.

Without quibble...James Sweeney delivers a virtuoso performance...which is rather remarkable considering he is director/writer/producer/actor all rolled into one! This is his [star-making] vehicle...complimented and heightened by Katie Findlay's razor-edge foil. The touchés come fast, relentless and times, bewildering...always, mind-jolting...and, never too faraway from controversy. Some issues will undoubtedly offend...especially among the snowflakes...because, this is about snowflakes, made by a snowflake! most certainly is. most certainly is not. It's akin to watching a high velocity tennis rally [with two ace players]...pounding away at each other [metaphorically speaking]. Because...there is no [actual] 'pounding' in this here film! Rather...this is a foray into some less well-chartered waters...asexuality, no less...with a ton of OCD to make it a little more complex.

Many have said that bisexuality is the stepping-stone to homosexuality...many [also] disagree with that statement. Still, bisexuality will always remain a contentious subject. James Sweeney has [deliciously] turned the tables somewhat...reversing that contentious process...or, has he?

Nothing about Straight Up can be called subtle...this is an out-and-out brash clash of sensibilities...that is, until the final scene...which is subtlety incarnate...and is [cleverly] left open for your own interpretation.

How refreshing, how original...however debatable it is...this here film will leave you with a ton of self-questioning questions...

James 'Snowflake' Sweeney has broken the snowflake mold...he's got massive balls and he's not afraid to slap them right in-your-face [metaphorically speaking].

An absolute gem of a film...looking forward to Follow Up!


The(ir) Blurb...

Todd and Rory are intellectual soul mates. He might be gay. She might not care. A romantic-comedy drama with a twist; a love story without the thrill of copulation.

Cast & Characters

Brendan Scannell
Katie Findlay as Rory
Cayleb Long as Marcus
Dana Drori as Meg
David Lewis as Trent
Conor Murphy as Gavin
Joshua Diaz as Zane
Lamar Richardson as Tracy
Alexis Beckley as Kayla
James Sweeney as Todd