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Catcher Was a Spy (The)

USA, English, 98 mins

  • Director: Ben Lewin
  • Writer: Nicholas Dawidoff; Robert Rodat
  • Producer: Robert Ogden Barnum; Kevin Scott Frakes

CGiii Comment


There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Moe Berg was gay. None. Yet, this [travesty of a] film depicts him as such...and, a violent 'one' at that! Total and irresponsible fiction...descendants of the man himself should be batting around words like: Libel, slander and defamation.

Apart from the gross disservice done to Moe Berg's memory, the writer has also managed to re-write history [check your facts before putting pen to paper] and, worst of all, has written a story about an interesting man that is as dull as the direction.

How can you assemble such a fantastic cast and fail to deliver a substantial film? Did they [the cast] not read the script before they signed up? Nothing happens...there is a build-up...but, quite literally, when the time comes...nothing happens!!!

Considering the fact that the writer made-up anything he wanted...you would think that he would pull out all the bungs for the conclusion! Well, the bungs were certainly pulled...and, this film sinks like a gigantic stone...right before your very eyes.

Moe Berg's memory deserves so much better!


The(ir) Blurb...

The true story of Moe Berg – professional baseball player, Ivy League graduate, attorney who spoke nine languages – and a top-secret spy for the OSS who helped the U.S. win the race against Germany to build the atomic bomb.

Cast & Characters

Connie Nielsen as Koranda;
Jeff Daniels as William J. Donovan;
Sienna Miller as Estella Huni;
Mark Strong as Werner Heisenberg;
Paul Rudd as Moe Berg;
Guy Pearce as Robert Furman;
Paul Giamatti as Samuel Goudsmit;
Shea Whigham as Joe Cronin;
Hiroyuki Sanada as Kawabata;
Tom Wilkinson as Paul Scherrer;
Giancarlo Giannini as Professor Eduardo Amaldi;
Pierfrancesco Favino as Martinuzzi;
William Hope as John Kleran;
Anna Geislerova as Rathe;
Bobby Schofield as Bill Dalton

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