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Double Life of George Michael (The)

UK, English, 120 mins

  • Director: Storm Theunissen; Susannah Ward; Bill Thomas
  • Producer: Rebecca Cody

CGiii Comment

An absolute atrocity...

Everyone involved with this 'film' should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Who the hell cares what Adam Mattera thinks!?! Simon Napier-Bell, what the hell were you thinking...contributing to this tabloid trash!?!

As for the 'actors' - well, let's just say the producers scraped the bottom of the barrel.

An affront to George Michael's memory and legacy.


The Double Life Of George Michael from Storm Theunissen on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

George Michael. He was one of the greatest pop stars of his generation, with millions of albums sold around the world both as part of the pop duo Wham! and as a soloist. But behind the persona, things were not all they appeared.

Cast & Characters

Al Gregg as George's Manager
Konstantinos Kavakiotis as Fadi Fawaz
Adam Mattera as Himself - Journalist
Simon North as Rob Kahane
Joseph Passafaro as WHAM ! George Michael
Harvey Quinn as Andrew Ridgley

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