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Male Gaze: The Heat of the Night (The)

Country: UK, Language: English, 89 mins

  • Director: Anthony Schatteman; Moshe Rosenthal; Osama Chami; Enrique Gimeno
  • Writer: Anthony Schatteman; Moshe Rosenthal; Osama Chami; Enrique Gimeno
  • Producer: Steve De Roover; Kevin Hoed

CGiii Comment

A decent collection of films...

Thirst by Eoin Maher

According to Mateo by Osama Chami

Hardcore by Moshe Rosenthal

Beast by Valentina Chamorro

Petit Ami by Anthony Schatteman

Skai Blue by Guido Verelst


The(ir) Blurb...

When darkness falls, temperatures rise in these six stories about late night confessions, intimacy for sale, high speed hookups and full moon frissons. But when the sun comes up and reality reveals itself, will it have all been worth it?

Cast & Characters

Ezra Fieremans as Jasper;
Andreas La Chenardiere as Vincent;
Thomas Ryckewaert as Vincent;
Steven van Watermeulen as Tom;
Michael Assie as Marc;
Joe Busk as Luke;
Manuel Castillo as Jon;
Aaron Cini;
Enrique Gimeno as Mateo;
Ori Laiser;
Adams Mensah as Simon;
Robert Noack as Gustav;
Omer Perelman;
Therese Svensson