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Shape of Water (The)

USA | Canada, English, 123 mins

  • Director: Guillermo del Toro
  • Writer: Guillermo del Toro; Vanessa Taylor
  • Producer: J. Miles Dale; Guillermo del Toro

CGiii Comment

Amelie/Beauty & the Beast/Splash [all] have a head-on collision with the Creature from the Black Lagoon...and, it ain't pretty.

Although, for sure, the film looks fantastic...but, that fantastical mind of Guillermo del Toro's kinda went into overdrive and flew off the rails...landing the film (and himself) neck-deep in a metaphorical swamp of unadulterated nonsense.

For sure, the film looks fantastic...be positive, it's won a gazillion awards!!!

If you can get your head around a mute, manic-masturbatory cleaner who has unrestricted access to a Government top-secret facility...who bonks a fish-like-man (or, is it a man-like-fish?) while caring for her [predatory] gay next door neighbour...if, by some miracle, you can...then, praise be, this film is right up your alley!

For sure, the film looks fantastic...but, that song-and-dance scene! That fish-suit! The water-tight water-closet! His willy!

And, who washes their hands before they pee and not after!?!

Look...suspending disbelief is really a rather easy ask...however, with this film, Mr del Toro asks (or, presumes) too much...with all the blatant metaphors bobbing around, this is one creek you don't want to find yourself in...without a paddle!

Still, there are many voices claiming this to be his finest work...obviously, they haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth!!!


The(ir) Blurb...

Drawing on classic 1950s sci-fi B-movies and the on-going fascination with Area 51 conspiracy theories, Guillermo del Toro’s sprightliest tale of the inexplicable is an old-school cinematic joy. At the height of the Cold War, in a secret US laboratory, a young, mute woman begins to communicate with a strange, aquatic creature. Elisa (Sally Hawkins), whose only friends are her gay artist neighbour (Richard Jenkins) and a fellow cleaner (Octavia Spencer), is alarmed by the behaviour of research head Strickland (a deliciously cruel Michael Shannon), who sees the creature as nothing more than an oversized lab rat.

A fellow scientist (Michael Stuhlbarg) of dubious connections is decidedly more curious, especially when he sees a bond forming between Elisa and the creature. Intertwining sci-fi, horror and gothic romance to spellbinding effect, del Toro’s singular vision is enhanced by Dan Laustsen’s (Crimson Peak) vivid cinematography and Alexandre Desplat’s hypnotic score, which runs the gamut from high-wire thrills to the stirringly romantic. Hawkins, always the most empathetic of actors, is a marvel and she ensures that Elisa’s fierce desire to fight for what’s right never eclipses her sense of innocence. Love takes many shape-shifting forms and this intoxicating film is a pure celebration of tolerance and human connection.

Clare Stewart

Cast & Characters

Doug Jones as The Asset;
Michael Shannon as Strickland;
Sally Hawkins as Eliza Esposito;
Michael Stuhlbarg as Hoffstetler;
Octavia Spencer as Zelda;
Richard Jenkins as Giles;
Lauren Lee Smith as Elaine;
John Kapelos as Mr. Arzounian;
David Hewlett as Fleming;
Nick Searcy as Hoyt;
Morgan Kelly as Pie Guy;
Cyndy Day as Pie Guy's Fiancee;
Madison Ferguson as Tammy;
Dru Viergever as Military Policeman;
Jayden Greig as Timmy

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