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Story of the Stone (The)

Country: Taiwan, Language: Chinese, 106 mins

  • Director: Starr Wu
  • Writer: Starr Wu

CGiii Comment

The main problem with The Story of the Stone is, ironically...there is no story! Strange, considering the script is wrought from one of the greatest examples of Chinese Literature ever written!

Why take an eighteenth century piece of work, widely regarded as a masterpiece...then, contemporise it by making it so 'gay' that any similiarities between the source material and the final production are only to be found inside the filmmakers mind!?!

Seemingly, this [film] is an 'honest look at gay life in Tapei' - what a sweeping statement and a rather mailgnant generalisation of Tapei's gay community! For these 'boys' are wholly vacuous in their hedonistic vacuum.

Starr Wu has created nothing but a litany of 'gay', drugged and gym addicted. None would be out of place on the cover of a magazine...alas, there is one figure-of-fun, the chubby one...who demands to have sex with an Adonis...because, wait for it, the Adonis has had sex with everyone but him! As if?!?

Sure, it's a goodlooking film...the cinematography is top notch...however, beauty alone cannot carry a film. Beauty without brains...pretty to look at but not much happening under the surface...which describes this - rather indulgent - film perfectly.


The(ir) Blurb...

The story has been adapted from the classical novel of the same name, adapting the characters and events from the original story to life at the Red House in Taipei's Ximending area. The film avoids focusing on moral issues and in making any judgments. It displays an honest and natural depiction. It depicts gay life in Taipei and discovers a darker side to Taipei, as well as exploring despair, reincarnation and hope.