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Where's My Roy Cohn?

Country: USA, Language: English, 97 mins

Original Title

Don't Mess with Roy Cohn
  • Director: Matt Tyrnauer
  • Producer: Marie Brenner; Corey Reeser

CGiii Comment

An anti-Semitic Jew, a homophobic homosexual, a lying lawyer...that was Roy Cohn.

Matt Tyrnauer's film tells it as it is...without any need for embellishment. His story, his being, was an assault on justice, the legal system and humanity. This man was depraved and - without doubt - psychotic. How on earth did he rise to such prominence and power?

Look inwards America and let not a man of this ilk walk the corridors of power again!

His name was bound to some of America's most notorious...from McCarthy to Reagan to Trump and a whole host of [other] criminals in between. He destroyed countless lives without batting an eye, caused misery and mayhem with the Lavender and Red Scares. And yet...was celebrated by the rich, the powerful, the criminal and famous.

Thankfully, he was [eventually] disbarred [although he should have been jailed]...but died only a few weeks after, denying him any 'enjoyment' from his meteoric fall-from-grace.

Roy Cohn was not just a criminal, he was a psychological terrorist. He was the worst of this film - most assuredly - recounts.

Look inwards America and let not a man of this ilk walk the corridors of power again! Ooops...too late!


The(ir) Blurb...

Roy Cohn personified the dark arts of twentieth-century American politics, turning empty vessels into dangerous demagogues—from Senator Joseph McCarthy to his final project, Donald J. Trump. Where’s My Roy Cohn? unearths the origins of the seditious right wing’s ascent, revealing how a deeply troubled master manipulator shaped our current political world. This shocking film exposes Cohn’s malign influence and contextualizes him as a modern Machiavelli, tracing his rise to national prominence—first as prosecutor of the Rosenbergs, then as handmaiden to Joseph McCarthy. After these twin disgraces, Cohn re-emerges as a New York power broker, mafia consigliere, white-collar criminal, and, eventually, the mentor of Trump.