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Who Will Save the Roses?

Italy, Italian, 103 mins

Original Title

Chi Salverà le Rose?
  • Director: Cesare Furesi
  • Writer: Cesare Furesi; Guido Furesi
  • Producer: Giulio Cesare Senatore

CGiii Comment

Here's a film that will play upon your mind...for quite sometime!

These are the dwindling days for an elderly, utterly devoted gay couple. One bedridden, the other, his bend-over-backwards-not-exactly-honest carer. A time for spilling secrets and reluctant reunions...and, a brief last 'hooray' back to the glory days...before the money was spent and life was a heady mix of euphoria and roses.

Endearing as it is...from the outset, there's a hint that the obvious charm has a sting in this 'tale' - oooh, the stings are plentiful and - weirdly - gentle, delivered by the kindest of bees! Deceit and manipulation have never been so well-mannered nor effective.This man gets what he wants, by any means possible...and does so with grace and the finest of intentions.

In less capable hands, this could have been a clumsy, overly-sentimental melodrama...but, thankfully, with Cesare Furesi's precise and delicate direction, quite the opposite has been achieved. The music swells and lulls in all the right places...but, the stars of this show are the cinematography [Sardinia is beautiful]...and, Carlo Delle Piane. He plays Giulio with just the right amount of playful vulnerability...while [still] brimming with love...coupled with a [rather] wicked sense-of-humour [one scene may offend!]...and, topped with that attribute that all successful poker players have: Deception! An incredibly complex performance...yet, he remains, from beginning to end...utterly adorable.

Who Will Save the Roses? has so much depth and warmth, it will lull you into a false sense of security...go with it. And, when the moment comes that will make you gasp, you will be glad you did!

A beautiful, heartfelt story...told perfectly.


The(ir) Blurb...

The melting love story between two old men, one of them is sick and stays in bed all day, the other is a gambler who takes care of him, visit him everyday and has a hard relationship with his daughter. Sometimes love is the only solution but we realize it when it's too late.

Cast & Characters

Caterina Murino as Valeria Sant'Elia;
Philippe Leroy as Eugenio;
Lando Buzzanca as Claudio;
Carlo Delle Piane as Avv. Giulio Sant'Elia;
Maurizio Pulina as Efisio;
Guenda Goria as Elisabetta;
Antonio Careddu as Marco Sant'Elia

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