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You Can't Escape Lithuania

Lithuania, Lithuanian, 80 mins

Original Title

Nuo Lietuvos nepabegsi
  • Director: Romas Zabarauskas
  • Writer: Romas Zabarauskas
  • Producer: Derek Curl; Glenn Elliott

CGiii Comment

Well...Mr Zabarauskas has made a film about himself...obviously, a young [deluded] director drowning in a puddle of his own self-importance...

A young woman murders her mother because she wouldn't pay for some drama classes (Jeezuz, she really does need them!)...instead of washing the blood off of her hands, she puts on a pair of black satin gloves and visits the eponymous 'director' where she unveils her blood-stained hands-of-death and confesses everything on a swirling chair...without suffering any discernible effects from dizziness whatsoever! A remarkable acting feat, if ever there was one!

That's the first 10 minutes...it gets a whole lot worse. The eponymous 'director' agrees to help...and they head off to Portugal by car...punctuated by some philosophical mutterings that a chimpanzee obviously wrote...oh, there's a Mexican boyfriend who doesn't say much...but, shows his willy whenever and wherever he can!

There's a line in the film: Romas, you have no talent...perhaps, the eponymous 'director' is not so deluded after all!


The(ir) Blurb...

After his star actress, Indre, murders her mother, rich-kid filmmaker Romas plans her escape from Lithuania. His Mexican boyfriend Carlos helps them reluctantly. On the road, Romas begins shooting an improvised experimental film. As events take an unexpected turn, their secrets, memories and emotions make this journey wilder than any film Romas could have imagined.

Cast & Characters

Irina Lavrinovic as Indre;
Adrian Escobar as Carlos;
Vaidas Baumila as Policeman;
Juste Arlauskaite-Jazzu as Curator;
Petras Kuneika as Technician;
Orijus Gasanovas as Didysis O;
Titas Motuzas as News reporter;
Justina Dirse as DELFI.lt journalist;
Dominykas Klajumas as Nerijus Dambrauskas;
Monika Biciunaite as Mother;
Denisas Kolomyckis

From the same director:

Porno Melodrama We Will Riot

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