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About Cherry

Country: USA, Language: English, 97 mins

  • Director: Stephen Elliot
  • Writer: Stephen Elliot; Lorelei Lee
  • Producer: Gordon Bijelonic; Joe D'Angerio

CGiii Comment

Do not confuse this director with Stephan Elliot (of Priscilla fame)...
This first-time director with a porn-star writer have managed to create nothing out of a mountain.
The sex industry is rife with juicy stories...none found their way into this bomb.
The direction is distinctly below par...inconsistent and ragged.
The writing...the less said, the better.
Instantly forgettable.


The(ir) Blurb...

The eighteen year-old Angeline raises money with a session of naked pictures and leaves her alcoholic and dysfunctional parents fleeing to San Francisco with her friend Andrew. They rent a room in the apartment of the gay Paco and Angeline finds a job in a strip club and Andrew in a bookstore. Soon Angeline has a love affair with the drug-addicted lawyer Frances and joins the adult industry making porn. Meanwhile the lesbian director Margaret becomes obsessed on her.

Cast & Characters

James Franco;
Heather Graham;
Dev Patel;
Ashley Hinshaw as Angelina;
Lili Taylor as Phyllis;
Diane Farr;
Megan Boone as Jake;
Jonny Weston;
Ernest Waddell as Vaughn;
Steven Wiig