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Anchor and Hope

Country: Spain, Language: English | Spanish, 111 mins

Original Title

Tierra Firme
  • Director: Carlos Marques-Marcet
  • Writer: Carlos Marques-Marcet; Jules Nurrish
  • Producer: Pau Brunet; Jana Diaz Juhl

CGiii Comment

Ever wanted to live in/on a houseboat? If the answer is 'yes' - do not watch this film! It will seriously shatter your dream!

Ever wanted a baby...but, due to the same-sex mechanics...that 'want' becomes a bit of an uphill struggle!?!

Ever wanted to be in a relationship...when both of you are on the same page?

Carlos Marques-Marcet's second feature deals with quite a few dichotomies...a lesbian wants a baby, the other doesn' wants to live on the water, the other does not. You know where this is heading...straight down the plug-hole! Throw in a sperm donor [with history!] and the Titanic has just crashed into that bloody ice-berg!

There's nothing wrong with this film per se...apart from it being fairly predictable and laboured. There's just so much of relationship politics you can take...especially when you know it's pretty much doomed from the off!

Performances are fine, the alt-bohemian life-style could have been inspiring and/or aspirational, it's neither...and, the three central characters are...well, let's just say, a day on a barge with any one of them would be 23 and a half hours too long!

Still, if doomed relationships float your boat...jump onboard!



The(ir) Blurb...

After his sleeper hit 10,000 KM, Carlos Marques-Marcet returns with a similarly bittersweet treatment of love and its vagaries. Eva (Oona Chaplin) and Kat (Natalia Tena) are a couple coming to terms with the death of their cat when Kat’s close friend Roger (David Verdaguer) comes to stay. Space is tight on their London houseboat and Eva is not best pleased to have the gregarious, womanising Roger impinging on their space, but then she hits on a plan that will bind the three of them together and sets about executing it with a renewed sense of purpose. Reuniting 10,000 KM’s Tena and Verdaguer, Anchor and Hope offers a fresh and funny rom-com with a twist. Boasting an impressive central performance from Chaplin and a delightful cameo from her real-life mother Geraldine, this is a film about the things we might just be prepared to do in the name of love.

Maria Delgado

Cast & Characters

Natalia Tena as Kat;
Oona Chaplin as Eva;
Geraldine Chaplin as Germaine;
Charlotte Atkinson as Susana;
Trevor White as Martin;
Lara Rossi as Jinx;
Philip Arditti as Farid;
David Verdaguer as Roger;
Meghan Treadway as Christine;
Faith Edwards as Doctor;
Laraine Dix as Salsa Dancer;
Rogers Leona as Salsa Dancer;
Peyton Jowers as Pirate girl;
Kimberly J Forbes as Nora;
Becky Bullman as Survey Girl