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And Breathe Normally

Iceland, Icelandic, 95 mins

Original Title

Andið Eðlilega
  • Director: Isold Uggadottir
  • Writer: Isold Uggadottir
  • Producer: Diana Elbaum; Annika Hellström

CGiii Comment

Is there any end to the despair that these women suffer?

A story as bleak as the landscape, as savage as the Icelandic wind...as depressing as it is, as unrelenting as it is...this is - indeed - a humanity that many [too many] have to endure.

Not the easiest film to sit through, it's a rough journey from the off...as trust and baggage are thrown into the wind. These women [each] have a mountain of issues...some within their control, some - most definitely - not. Yet, they refuse to become victims of their situation. A human spirit persists between this unlikely duo...they, together, are catalysts for change.They may have been knocked sideways, knocked down...but, they are not broken.

This is where Isold Uggadottir excels...in the dignity of desperation, when the innocence and inherent kindness of a child - quite literally - changes everything. It's simply breath-taking.

It is a struggle...but, the performances and the pay-back - truly - make it worthwhile. And...as the end credits roll...normal breathing may be resumed.


The(ir) Blurb...

Two women's lives will intersect while trapped in circumstances unforeseen. Between a struggling Icelandic mother and an asylum seeker from Guinea-Bissau, a delicate bond will form as both strategize to get their lives back on track.

Cast & Characters

Þorsteinn Bachmann as Hörður;
Gunnar Jónsson as Driver;
Kristín Þóra Haraldsdóttir;
Sveinn Geirsson as Bergur;
Babetida Sadjo;
Helga Vala Helgadóttir as Lawyer;
Bragi Arnason as Helgi;
Patrik Nökkvi Pétursson;
Aladin Laaguid as Extra;
Sólveig Guðmundsdóttir as Kolbrún;
Guðbjörg Thoroddsen as Teacher

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