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Angels Crest

Canada, English, 92 mins

  • Director: Gaby Dellal
  • Writer: Leslie Schwartz; Catherine Trieschmann
  • Producer: Leslie Cowan; Tim Perell

CGiii Comment

Mistakes, blame and judgment...in a smalltown wilderness.

The ethereal quality is quite breathtaking, the scenery will take your breath away and, the story will have you gasping for air.

Dellal has accomplished what many fail to do - there is an inevitability and she still manages to retain, like glue, the interest.

A fine, beautiful, heartbreaking, truthful piece of work.


The(ir) Blurb...

During the first snow of the year 3 year-old Nate Denton wanders away from his father's truck and disappears. The fevered search for him ends with the devastating discover of his tiny, frozen body. Nate's death throws the small foothills community of Angel's Crest into disarray. The inhabitants confront what Nate's death means to them and in the face of that struggle they deal with their own concepts of right and wrong.

Cast & Characters

Marty Antonini as Charlie;
Mathieu Bourassa as Clerk;
Dave Brown as Frank;
Lindsay Burns as Donna;
Colin A. Campbell as Paul;
Gillian Carfra as Celina Cervantes;
Ameko Eks Mass Carroll as Nate Denton;
Rachel Clentworth as Melody;
Lynn Collins as Cindy;
Thomas Dekker as Ethan

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