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Antonia's Line

The Netherlands, Dutch, 102 mins

Original Title

  • Director: Marleen Gorris
  • Writer: Marleen Gorris
  • Producer: Gerard Cornelisse; Judy Counihan

CGiii Comment

With names like...the mad Madonna, Loony Lips and Crooked Finger - how could you not love this film?!?

A painting painted and interpreted with warmth and charm - with a few tears thrown in - just to keep us grounded.

It most deservedly won the Oscar...cinema at its best.


The(ir) Blurb...

In an anonymous Dutch village, a sturdy, strong-willed matriarch looks back upon her life, the generations of family and friends gathered around her table, and ponders the cyclical nature of time.

Cast & Characters

Willeke van Ammelrooy as Antonia;
Els Dottermans as Danielle;
Dora van der Groen as Allegonde;
Veerle van Overloop as Therese;
Esther Vriesendorp as Therese;
Carolien Spoor as Therese;
Thyrza Ravesteijn as Sarah;
Mil Seghers as Kromme Vinger;
Jan Decleir as Boer Bas;
Elsie de Brauw as Lara;
Reinout Bussemaker as Simon;
Marina de Graaf as Deedee;
Jan Steen as Lippen Willem;
Catherine ten Bruggencate as Malle Madonna;
Paul Kooij as Protestant

From the same director:

Mrs. Dalloway

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