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Black Tar Road

Country: USA, Language: English, 85 mins

Original Title

Lot Lizard
  • Director: Amber Dawn Lee; Rob Brownstein; Jeff Chassler; Robert P. Franco; Jay Holben; Gary Kohn
  • Writer: Amber Dawn Lee
  • Producer: Amber Dawn Lee; Varela Raul

CGiii Comment

Wow...it has taken 4 years since the trailer was released to [see] the final product.

Hopefully, it was worth the wait!

Not quite...but, it's nowhere near as bad as its IMDb rating suggests.

The problem?

How many directors do you need to make a film? One...usually does it!

Here, 6 are credited...the result: A bit of a mess.

It's gritty...drug trafficking, drug abuse, sex work, sexual violence, it's all here...with some bravado performances.

Pity...the directors screwed it up.


The(ir) Blurb...

BLACK TAR ROAD is a gritty, dark, love story between two women, Heather and Charlie, who meet at a desolate truck stop. Charlie McElroy (Amber Lee) is a drug mule, who mules drugs for an operation that is run out of an interstate truck stop. After Charlie hangs around town where she meets Heather Plath, (Noelle Messier) a hardened truck stop prostitute who's spent her life in the rural landscape. Few films are more despairing and yet, curiously, so hopeful as this one, which argues that even at the very end of the road, at the final extremity, we can find some solace in the offer and acceptance of love. These women fall in love with each other.

Cast & Characters

Leif Gantvoort as Spider;
James Black as Jimmy;
Maria Olsen as Lady C;
Darin Cooper as Diner Owner;
Amber Dawn Lee as Charlie;
John A. Lorenz as Lenny;
Jodi Skeris as Tracey;
Steve Fite as Bartender;
D Kevin Kelly as Jed;
Noelle Messier as Heather

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