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Daddy Issues

Country: USA, Language: English, 90 mins

  • Director: Amara Cash
  • Writer: Alex Bloom
  • Producer: Jenna Cedicci

CGiii Comment

It's millennial Marmite...with rainbows and sprinkles, pixies and polyamory. The effect: Dizzying!

To fully appreciate this film, it really does depend on who you's not one for the pre-millennial generation [or those with a stoic moral compass]...Daddy Issues is niche...for the kaleidoscopic, colour-rush kids who drift in and out of reality, assuming label-less labels and avoiding the two inevitables: Death & Taxes.'s cute. Saccharine cute. Sickly. Then ain't so cute will [and should] make you feel - quite literally - sick to the stomach. Without giving too much surrounds that toxic phenomenon...the 'Sugar Daddy' - an amoral practice [and practise] if ever there was, it's A+ amoral. No amount of ribbons and rainbows can disguise the fact that a 'Sugar Daddy' is noxious.'s A+ noxious.

This is where the film falls down...into the rabbit-hole and gets irreversibly lost. Amara Cash clings the cuteness...just when that candy-coloured-coat was screaming out to be smashed to smithereens...revealing the two [unavoidable] inevitables: Death [of fidelity] & [metaphorical] Taxes.

A film that should have gone into the dark...leaving the rainbow-pixie behind...and ending with the emergence of a new the Phoenix, full of fire and strength.


Daddy Issues - She's everyone's type from Amara Cash on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

An intoxicating invitation into the lives of two young women, one a fearless charmer, the other a talented but shy artist. When the pair meets, their lips and their lives collide, and the chemistry is electric. Combining their skills to design a clothing line, the girls spend every waking moment together, until the unthinkable happens. This candy-colored glimpse into first love is not only gorgeously shot, but it’s also driven by slick editing and an empowering soundtrack, immersing the viewer — or voyeur — into a world laced with potent sexuality.

Cast & Characters

Madison Lawlor as Maya Mitchell;
Montana Manning as Jasmine Jones;
Andrew Pifko as Simon Craw;
Kamala Jones as Danielle Mitchell;
Jodi Carol Harrison as Bobbi Jones;
Seth Cassell as Jim Mitchell;
Monte Markham as Gordon Craw;
Ronnie Clark as Chuck;
Lissa Danshaw as Pam;
J.J. Hawkins as Ash;
Brian Gilleece as Doug;
Joshua D. Lewis as Kris;
Verona Blue as Katrina;
Lorelei Mote as Sammy;
Rigo Obezo as Bouncer