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USA, English, 60 mins

  • Director: Scott Frank
  • Writer: Scott Frank
  • Producer: Jessica Levin; Michael J. Malone

CGiii Comment

This sure is one nasty Western!

The problem with the Western genre is...it has - practically - all been done before! But, wait, it ain't been done like this...

Yes...there are the tough and [somewhat] psychopathic men. But, La Belle - the town where Godless is set...is 90% women, of which a good handful take their breeches seriously!

Mary Agnes, a gun-toting, suit-wearing [unashamedly] lover-of-women...stands her ground and holds the town by the proverbials...how refreshing!

The town is dying, the men [most but not all] died in a mining accident...and, most of the women are about to rip their bodices off as a symptom of extreme sexual frustration. Desperation runs throughout La Belle - this town is in crisis!

What it doesn't need is a cowardly sheriff and a psycho named Frank, hell-bent on killing just about everyone he bumps into. Jeff Daniels gives - quite possibly - the best performance of his career!

This is a quality production...cinematography is feature-film standard as is the soundtrack. With no weak performances and a script that seamlessly ebbs and flows, carrying the story towards its over-the-top [but, fantastically fatal] conclusion...all awhile revealing the backstories of each and all.

Shame, it's a limited series...there are enough stories for this to continue for a few more years!



The(ir) Blurb...

Frank Griffin, an outlaw terrorizing the 1880s American West, hunts down Roy Goode, his partner turned enemy. Roy hides out at a ranch as Frank's chase leads him to La Belle, New Mexico - a town mysteriously made up almost entirely of women.

Cast & Characters

Jack O'Connell as Roy Goode;
Michelle Dockery as Alice Fletcher;
Scoot McNairy as Bill McNue;
Merritt Wever as Mary Agnes;
Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Whitey Winn;
Tantoo Cardinal as Iyovi;
Jeff Daniels as Frank Griffin;
Adam David Thompson as Gatz Brown;
Samantha Soule as Charlotte Temple;
Kayli Carter as Sadie Rose;
Audrey Moore as Sarah Doyle;
Keith Jardine as Dyer Howe;
Rio Alexander as Bud Ledbetter;
Samuel Marty as Truckee;
Justin Welborn as Floyd Wilson

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