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Marikas Missio

Germany, German, 73 mins

  • Director: Michael Schmitt
  • Writer: Michael Schmitt
  • Producer: Annika Blendl; Michael Schmitt

CGiii Comment

It gives us great pleasure when we deliver a glowing review...all that hard work finally being recognised!

It gives us greater pleasure when we are able to recommend a film...ensuring that the audience's money and/or time are well-spent.

When we are unable to deliver a glowing recommendation...we ask ourselves why? Documentary filmmakers should ask themselves a few questions before they even touch a camera! Why do I want to make this film? How do I make this film? What are my ambitions for my film? Do I have the technical ability to make a professional film? These are questions that Michael Schmitt should have asked himself...then, if he gave himself satisfactory answers...let pre-production begin...which usually involves making a plan! Ooops, looks like you forgot that bit!

So...instead of being overly harsh...we thought we would offer a few tips. Make and stick to a production plan [don't worry, there's always room for manoeuvre]. Buy a tripod. Maintain the focus throughout. When you can't see the sheep from the wool, shear it!  Just because he's your brother [and brother-in-law to the main subject] doesn't mean he has to feature in the film, the same goes for your parents - their input is unnecessary and uninteresting. When conducting interviews, use two cameras...or, conduct two interviews one after the other. You'll be thankful you did, in the editing suite afterwards...rather than having jump-cut hell with bouncing talking heads. It's so jarring to watch...as is aspect change!

Look...when kids are making [technically] off-the-scale Youtube videos on their cell-phones...it's time to...either up the ante or get out of the game!

But, most importantly...the subject! There's nothing new here. There is no story. Everyone knows that the catholic hierarchy is a patriarchal, [internalised] homophobic den of hypocritical delinquents...in drag! Everyone knows that the catholic institution preaches: Thou shalt only love the opposite sex! Marika knows this, Marika did not challenge...and, Marika lied to the religious practice that she & other gay/lesbian catholics [so weirdly] believe in. Why believe in something that so transparently and vigorously condemns you?!? Why don't all the disgruntled catholics band together and form an all-loving, all-encompassing religious institution of their own? Now...there's a story!!!

Arachnaphobes don't play with spiders...those who do...well, Hell mend them!


The(ir) Blurb...

This intensely moving documentary illuminates the complexities of a life caught between deep faith, the strictures of the Catholic Church’s “Missio” (canonical authority to teach Catholicism), and the entanglements of the church and German state. Marika achieves her lifelong dream of teaching students the Catholic faith, but her relationship with Anke is contrary to the “moral ethics” the Missio requires. Eventually, she must make a terrible choice between her teaching and living a fully authentic life. Voices of tradition and modernism include family, a canonical lawyer, a theologian, and a former Missio teacher forced out because he was gay.

Cast & Characters

Maria Alfer as Herself;
David Berger as Himself;
Brigitte Distler as Herself;
Anke Gruber as Herself;
Marika Gruber as Herself;
Michael Gruber as Himself;
Rainer Maria Schiessler as Himself;
Friedrich Schmitt as Himself;
Hiltrud Schmitt as Herself;
Brigitte Schubert as Herself

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