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Country: USA, Language: English, 94 mins

  • Director: Melanie Mayron
  • Writer: Jan Miller Corran
  • Producer: Catlin Adams; Vera Bourne

CGiii Comment

Snapshots looks and feels like something the Hallmark channel would produce...that is, up until the steamy lesbian sex scene! The obvious draw to this film is Piper Laurie - a thrice Oscar-nominated actor! She does not disappoint...she is the sanity admist the unnecessary melodrama.

This is a tale of three generations...sapphic nostalgia [grandmother], alcohol-infused regret [daughter], time for tumultuous change [grand-daughter]. Sadly, two of these tales need not have been told, they are inconsequential to the main thrust of the film. Snapshots works well when Rose [Piper Laurie] reflects on her long lost lesbian love by the lakeside...these endearing flashbacks are [always] rudely interrupted by some [drunken and/or hysterical] squawking about that old trope, the-trouble-with-men...which is a trifle perplexing considering the men [in the film] rarely get a look in...when they do, the two flashback husbands, are a stark contrast to the [merely mentioned] contemporary men. They are affable, dim and [especially one] stoned...blissfully unaware that their wives are rutting the brains out of each other.

As far a lesbian dramas go, it's neither the worst nor [anywhere near] the best. Perhaps, a little too cautious...and, definitely, too Hallmark-ish!


The(ir) Blurb...

Rose spends her days fishing near the beautiful lake house she’s called home for 50 years. She’s not getting any younger and her daughter Patti worries about Rose being all alone, but the stubborn matriarch will not sell. There are memories here that she doesn’t want to leave. These come flooding back one weekend during a visit from Patti and granddaughter Allison, when a long-forgotten roll of film reminds Rose of the summer she met and fell in love with the bold and beautiful Louise. Seamlessly weaving together Rose’s past with her present through flashbacks that exquisitely explore the love affair, Snapshots is a film about hidden truths and the joy that can be found when you finally shine a light on them.

Emma Smart

Cast & Characters

Piper Laurie as Rose Muller;
Brett Dier as Zee;
Brooke Adams as Patty;
Emily Baldoni as Allison;
Emily Goss as Louise Baxter;
Max Adler as Joe Muller;
Cathy DeBuono as Marybeth;
Shannon Collis as Young Rose Muller;
Christopher McVay as Christopher;
Shana Sarin as Dani

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