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Cured (The)

Ireland, English, 95 mins

  • Director: David Freyne
  • Writer: David Freyne
  • Producer: Rachael O'Kane; Rory Dungan

CGiii Comment

A couple of years ago the BBC produced In the Flesh – a series about zombies being cured and the subsequent prejudices they faced...by the righteous non-infected.

Well, The Cured is pretty similar in many aspects...with a couple of major differences. Here, the cured zombies remember every horrible thing they did when zombified, 25% of the zombied are immune to the vaccine, these zombies are fast, none of that sluggish nonsense, they whizz all over the place...and, it’s set in Ireland which lends a rather interesting political strand to the proceedings.

It’s a nifty little film...intelligent story, great performances (especially from the little boy) with thrills & chills aplenty. Just one little quibble...the last couple of scenes were unnecessary. There’s nothing quite like walking into the dark...to end a film!!!


Cast & Characters

Ellen Page as Abbie;
Sam Keeley as Senan;
Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Conor;
Stuart Graham as Cantor;
Hilda Fay as Jo landecker

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