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USA, Tagalog | English, 15 mins

  • Director: Rachel Leyco
  • Writer: Rachel Leyco
  • Producer: Rachel Leyco; Angela Paviera

CGiii Comment

Okay...so all this 'Asian' traditional values thing is getting a little threadbare...if another granny spouts on about her grand kids getting married to the opposite sex...hair is going to be pulled out by the roots!

Technically, this film looks fantastic...however, the descent into melodrama is as chronic as some of the writing!


The(ir) Blurb...

Torn between the 'perfect' daughter that her strict traditional family believes her to be and the open-minded free spirit that she is, a second-generation Filipino-American must make a move to declare her identity.

Cast & Characters

Christopher Aguilar as Angelo;
Marita de Lara as Tita Pia;
Rachel Leyco as Grace;
Jesse Leigh as Jethro;
Topher Park as Junjie;
Jaime Barcelon as Rye;
Katie Lynn Stoddard as Starr;
Jon Miguel as Bernardo;
Angela T. Baesa as Mary Anne;
Nenita P. Domingo as Lola

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