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Broke Straight Boys TV

USA, English, 47 mins

  • Director: No info
  • Writer: No info
  • Producer: No info

CGiii Comment

They are as straight as Lombard Street!

Total - exploitative - nonsense.


The(ir) Blurb...

We take you outside the studio and introduce you to the produces, creators, innovators, and founder of one of the internets most successful gay porn sites, letting you see the process and effort that goes into not only each scene, but managing the day-to-day life of the models and staff. Of course, keeping a bunch of young guys in check is a challenging ordeal but someone’s got to do it, and that’s the job of the brave “house mom”, who you’ll also get to meet. With such a tight knit group all under one roof, testosterone running high and house rules to abide by, you can bet there’s going to be some tension at times, and we show you just how disruptive that drama can sometimes be. But of course, what’s sex without a little drama, anyway?

Cast & Characters

Kaden Alexander;
Adam Baer;
Paul Canon;
Johnny Forza;
Denver Grand;
Jimmy Johnson;
Cage Kafig;
Damien Kyle;
Sergio Valen

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