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Christopher Street: The Series

USA, English, 66 mins

  • Director: Evan Storey
  • Writer: Steven E. Martinez; Dwight Allen O'Neal
  • Producer: Hayward Aaron; Steven E. Martinez

CGiii Comment

Christopher Street is in the heart of the West Village or as many people know it as Greenwich Village. In the village you can have quite an experience you can witness all types of men, women, a few children, young, old, big, or small, and not to mention gay. Yes gay, The Village is a Gay Capitol of the world, in fact in this particular neighborhood you can shop, eat, and explore nothing but gayness. That's why Christopher Street chooses to hang out there, no not the street name, but the person... Christopher Dewayne Street, however his friends call him Chris for short. Christopher Street is originally from Memphis Tennessee, but now he resides in the Big Apple where he is learning new and exciting things everyday. With Chris you can expect anything he is fashion forward and fashionably dysfunctional, he might be a boy today and a full grown woman on tomorrow; you either love him, hate him, or both.

Within his friend circle you meet the loyal wife Jharemy, the cry baby Ashton, and the diva of all times Miss Shawn. Through the lives of Chris and his diverse group of friends we see the challenges that four young gay men face while being young gay minorities. Each character has their own individual struggle that affects their lives within their friend circle and the world. These young men deal with troubles that range from relationship issues, sexual identity, self-love, abuse, HIV/AIDS, and acceptance not only from the world, but from themselves. Chris, Jharemy, Ashton, and Shawn are bridging the gap of lacked knowledge by enlightening the world with the truth of being a young gay adult.


Cast & Characters

Tyra Allure-Ross as Health Specialist;
BackWordz as Rebel Starr;
Mega Body as Corey Williams;
Nkosi Brown as Derrick Scott;
Jamal Bruce as Brian;
Nicole Byer as Receptionist;
Ray Cunningham as Malik;
Jared DeWese as Christopher Street;
Lynnette R. Doby as Tracy;
Kelli Dunn as Twin 1

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