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Dressed for Pleasure

Switzerland, French, 17 mins

Original Title

Je fais où tu me dis
  • Director: Marie de Maricourt
  • Writer: Marie de Maricourt
  • Producer: Gabriela Bussmann

CGiii Comment

What an absolute load of nonsense.

The direction is static. The acting is stilted. The story is nonsense...a poor attempt at courting controversy and ending up with little but egg smeared across the faces of everyone involved.

Pretentious guff!


Je fais où tu me dis (Dressed for Pleasure) - trailer from HEAD – Genève Cinéma on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Sarah, a disabled girl aged about twenty, lives with her parents. She is increasingly subject to many fantasies and sees her sexuality taking up more and more of her attention. The arrival in the house of a new cleaner, Victoria, a transsexual woman, will upset the family balance.

Cast & Characters

Angélique Bridoux (Sarah)
Naelle Dariya (Victoria)
Nathalie Cuenet (Mother)
Vincent Chaumont (Father)
Raphaël Tschudi (Assistant)

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