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First Day

Australia, English, 18 mins

  • Director: Julie Kalceff
  • Writer: Julie Kalceff
  • Producer: Kirsty Stark

CGiii Comment

A positive film about a complex subject...trans*kids, schools and bathrooms.

There are hundreds of films that highlight the issue...few investigate possible solutions.

But, in its favour, First Day has a refreshing quality...it does address the process that is needed to find a resolution...and, it all starts with a handshake!


The(ir) Blurb...

First Day, tells a story about the fears associated with the transition between primary school and high school - but in Hannah's case, the stakes are even higher: this year, she will be attending school for the first time as a girl.

Cast & Characters

Madelaine Edwards as Isabella's Friend;
Dylan Fortunaso as Jack Bradford;
Joanne Hunt as Amanda Bradford;
Evie Macdonald as Hannah Bradford;
Jackie Owens-Purcell as Isabella's Friend;
Steve Rodgers as Steven Bradford;
Anthony Brandon Wong as John Nguyen

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