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Involuntary Activist

UK, English, 19 mins

  • Director: Mikael Bundsen
  • Writer: Mikael Bundsen
  • Producer: Grant Vidgen; Isabella Rodriguez

CGiii Comment

The power of a word...

Here's a film that starts off on full-throttle...but, sadly, runs completely out of steam.

There are a couple of irrelevant and unnecessary scenes - what was that swimming pool scene all about?!?

A classic case of a good idea marred by an under-developed script!


The(ir) Blurb...

Aled is faced with a dilemma when his sister tells him his husband isn't on the guest list to her wedding in Turkey. Torn between alienating the sister he loves or doing something that goes against his own core values, Aled struggles to keep everyone happy.

Cast & Characters

Rick Yale as Aled
Eiry Hughes as Jody
John Partridge as Jonathan
Suzanne Packer as Fiona
Ri Richards as Babs
Memet Ali Alabora as Hakan
Pete MacHale as Pete

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