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Country: UK, Language: English, 12 mins

  • Director: Alice Trueman
  • Writer: Alice Trueman
  • Producer: Alice Trueman

CGiii Comment

Way too many issues for a 12-minute short.

The racism is abhorrent, the criminality is abhorrent...the ending is way over-the-top.

It's all just a little too much for 12 minutes...find the story!


JAS - trailer for short film from Alice Trueman on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

JAS is the story of a British-Iranian teen, trapped in a dilapidated English seaside town, caught somewhere between a desire to escape and a desire to connect. When a local war veteran antagonises Jas with racist remarks, the depths of her frustrations flood to the surface.

Cast & Characters

Joseph Adelakun as Leo
Conor Boru as Dayo
Altay Lawrence as Tony
Anna Martine as Abby
Kyran Mitchell-Nanton as Vinnie
Peter Sundby as The Veteran
Melanie Wilder as Jasmin

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