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Country: Denmark, Language: Danish, 31 mins

  • Director: Aske Bang
  • Writer: Aske Bang
  • Producer: Nina Helveg

CGiii Comment

When you pack so many issues into a short film...something suffers!

In this case, just about everything!

The(ir) Blurb...

Its about a lonely boy named Kristian who can't find a way out being a boy.

Cast & Characters

Casper Castello as Kristian / Kristine
Birthe Neumann as Emma
Peter Aude as Søren
Stanislav Sevcik as Rodney
Anders Juul as Mand i bar
Michael Lucas Lindenskov as Mand i park
Djarn Kargin as Transaction
Kim Kastrup as Transaction
Christian Norup as Transaction
Ian Schiøtt Jørgensen as Transaction
Emil Ziyanak as Indvandre i park
Jevgeni Jevsikov as Indvandre i park (as Jevgeni Nicolai Zenja)
Ahmed Allavani as Indvandre i park
Edel Sørensen as Dame i genbrugsbutik
Patrick Lykke Heinsøe as Fan på klub