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Pink Boy

USA, English, 25 mins

  • Director: Eric Rockey
  • Writer: Eric Rockey
  • Producer: Eric Rockey

CGiii Comment

Is this an offensive title?!?!

Does a 6 year old understand anything about gender?

Are we to do away with all conventions (to please the few [ouch])?

Is this a form of anarchy...let the kids do what they want?

None of these question are answered in this overbearing, politically correct hogwash.

Children need rules and conventions.

Remember Lord of the Flies?!?!? It's not that far from reality!

A weak, exploitative film...Pink Boy, the title is offensive...when this kid grows up - happy?

Is this appropriate parenting?


Pink Boy Trailer from Eric Rockey on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

An intimate, 25-minute portrait of a gender-creative boy growing up in conservative rural Florida. Butch lesbian BJ successfully avoided dresses her entire life until she adopted Jeffrey, who to her shock, starts to dance in gowns and perform for his parents. As six-year-old Jeffrey increasingly wishes to dress up in public, BJ must navigate where it is safe for him, from school to a rodeo in Georgia to the ultimate holiday for a pink boy, Halloween.

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