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Riot Not Diet

Germany | Austria , German, 17 mins

  • Director: Kristina Kilian ; Julia Fuhr Mann
  • Writer: Stacy Bias; Anna Christ

CGiii Comment

More man-hating guff...that celebrates obesity! Well, let's face it...when you don't need to pay the medical bills...being fat is great!!!

This 'queering' of just about anything is now a [lamentable & worn-out] joke!

And...no filmmaking talent was used in the making of this.


RIOT NOT DIET [Official Trailer] from Julia Fuhr Mann on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

A golden summer dress in XXL, the ice lolly drips slowly onto the hot ground. RIOT NOT DIET creates a queer feminist utopia far away from BMI norms and male* gaze. Five thousand years of patriarchy have left their mark – for in spite of ongoing emancipation, female* bodies are still geared to conform and to float through the world with a quiet, graceful and space-saving appearance. However, in this film we encounter fat women* and queers who resist. With their expansive body dimensions they break the chains of outdated gender structures and claim space for themselves. The pleasure of their own, overflowing corporeality is an alternative draft to the neoliberal logic of exploitation. In times of self-optimization, your belly is a statement! Queer fat feminism!!

Cast & Characters

Hengameh Yaghoobifarah;
Julischka Stengele;
Sara Ablinger;
Magda Albrecht;
Brandy Butler;
Christine Fiedler;
Marzen Lizurej;
Veronika Merklein;
Flora Schanda;
Jj Thunderkhat

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