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Romeu & Romeu

Brazil, Portuguese, 22 mins

  • Director: Jonathan Mendonça
  • Writer: Jonathan Mendonça; Arthur Chermont; Faell Vasconcelos
  • Producer: Jonathan Mendonça

CGiii Comment

We watched 2 minutes...that was quite enough!


The(ir) Blurb...

“Romeu & Romeu” adapts the classic love story “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. Following some patterns of the original version, this new version of the story takes place today, in the fictional city of Verona of the South, where Capuletos and Montéchios are replaced by Campelos and Monteiros, families that live a rivalry known by all the city, in the shadow of a crime committed in the past. However, the similarities to the original story end there. Romeo and Juliet become Romulo (Arthur Chermont) and Ramon (João Mesquita) and mix personality traits of both classic characters, giving a new life to the well-known plot.

Cast & Characters

Joao Mesquita as Ramon Monteiro;
Arthur Chermont as Romulo Campelo;
Joao Tessari as Carlos Monteiro;
Lilian Menezes as Paula Monteiro;
Joao Pereira as Julio Campelo;
Leide Dias as Valeria Campelo;
Fabio De Souza Gomes as Thales Campelo;
Matheus Spadari as Samuel Monteiro;
Luan Carvalho as Benjamin Monteiro;
Barbara Cury as Suely;
Bruno Santos as George Campelo;
Paolla Sayuri as Mayara;
Gustavo Braunstein as Mauricio;
Barbara Aranega as Luana;
Gabriel Rufatto as Patrick

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