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Visions of Europe

Country: Various, Language: Various, 140 mins

  • Director: Fatih Akin; Barbara Albert et al.
  • Writer: Fatih Akin; Barbara Albert et al.
  • Producer: Fatih Akin; Andy Bausch et al.

CGiii Comment

25 countries, 25 directors...a few are of CGiii interest.

All in all, it's a miserable and depressing collection of shorts...

Jan Troell (Sweden: segment "The Yellow Tag"). No CGiii interest.

It's about the tagging of sheep and cows - and, it is quite funny.

Christoffer Boe (Denmark: segment "Europe Does Not Exist"). No CGiii interest.

A man has difficulty pronouncing 'Europe' - we had difficulty watching it.

Laila Pakalnina (Latvia: segment "It'll Be Fine"). No CGiii interest.

Total bollocks.

Fatih Akin (Germany: segment "Die alten bösen Lieder"). No CGiii interest.

Migraine-inducing musical mayhem...bollocks.

Teresa Villaverde (Portugal: segment "Cold Wa(te)r". No CGiii interest.

Illegal immigration...in slow motion. Harrowing and so very sad.

Martin Sulík (Slovak Republic: segment "The Miracle"). No CGiii interest.

The immaculate conception modernised...done beautifully - with humour.

Francesca Comencini (Italy: segment "Anna Lives in Marghera"). No CGiii interest.

An exceedingly dull anti-pollution political broadcast. Skill-less.

Sharunas Bartas (Lithuania: segment "Children Lose Nothing"). No CGiii interest.

Children, frogs and paper boats...beautifully done and amounting to nothing.

Constantine Giannaris (Greece: segment "Room for All"). No CGiii interest.

Cross-culturalism and multi-ethnicity...racism and xenophobia...done with uninspired gimmicky camera-work...makes no impact.

Ágnes Hranitzky & Béla Tarr (Hungary: segment "Prologue"). No CGiii interest.

Two directors, one continuous shot of a queue of hungry people...where's the direction and why did it need two? And, the music will make you go sterile.

Aisling Walsh (Ireland: segment "Invisible State"). No CGiii interest.

A ghastly piece of preaching on immigration...and, it reeks of hypocrisy. The direction is straight out of a text book.

Malgorzata Szumowska (Poland: segment "Crossroad"). No CGiii interest.

Oooh the metaphor is a subtle as a brick. Modernising Jesus...please!!!

Tony Gatlif (France: "Paris by Night"). No CGiii interest.

More on illegal immigration...we get the message...immigration is an Europe-wide issue.

 End of part 1...only 12 more to go - let us hope for a little more cheer.

Barbara Albert (segment "Mars")

Andy Bausch (segment "The Language School")

Stijn Coninx (segment "Self Portrait")

Sasa Gedeon (segment "Unisono")

Christos Georgiou (segment "My Life on Tape")

Theo van Gogh (segment "Euroquiz")

Peter Greenaway (segment "European Showerbath")

Miguel Hermoso (segment "Our Kids")

Arvo Iho (segment "Euroflot")

Aki Kaurismäki (segment "Bico")

Damjan Kozole (segment "Europa")

Kenneth Scicluna (segment "The Isle")


The(ir) Blurb...

An anthology film is a collection of short film projects by different directors for a common aim. Usually they are unified by a common theme - in this case, the European Union.

Cast & Characters

Safia Aggoune;
Abel Alves;
Benzirar Baroudi;
Ina-Marija Bartare;
Vit Bednarik;
Konrad Bugaj;
Marieclaire Camilleri;
Silvio Catania;
Catherine Constant;
Mohamadou Moudamou Diao;
Runa Egilsdottir;
Tara Elders;
Pieter Embrechts as Patrick;
Androuilla Erakleous;
Godwin Farrugia

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