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What Katy Did

UK, English, 25 mins

  • Director: Gussy Sakula-Barry; Tanja Wol Sorensen

CGiii Comment

Hate the title...of the film.

Love the subject...of the film.

Shame...the directors were absolutely useless.


What Katy Did from Tanja Wol on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

The film is about Katy Went, a self-titled 'butch-feminist-trans-lesbian' from Norwich. It was made as part of our MA in Visual Anthropology at the Granada Center for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester. The film follows Katy from her consultation with her doctor about having a gender reassignment operation, to her forty-fifth birthday party at her home in Norwich. Through this film, we have sought to explore the issues surrounding the gender binary. Katy prides herself on not being a typical male-to-female trans in that she does not conform to the trans gender stereotype. It is her hope, and ours, that the film will enlighten the audience to the complexities of the issue of gender.

Cast & Characters

Katy Jon Went

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