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CMG Short Film Festival

CMG Short Film Festival

Saturday, 06 October 2018 until Sunday, 07 October 2018

We present films of 30 minutes or less of interest to LGBT audiences. The festival is an all-proceeds benefit for AIDS Walk Los Angeles, so films dealing with AIDS issues score high on our "relevance" criterion. We screen in the beautiful West Hollywood City Council Chamber/screening room located on San Vicente at Melrose, and the City is a co-sponsor of the Festival.

New this year: We will consider TRAILERS for films that fit our guidelines but are too long to show in their entirety. Please make trailers maximum of 180 seconds.


2018 films...

10 min.

directed by Brian Flaccus

When AIDS was new and no one knew very much about it, the fear of contagion could make infected person become a recluse.  Paul visits his pregnant niece at her home, and her entire family has to work to overcome his fear of human contact. 


11 min.

directed by Jeff Sumner

It's only a short ride in a car for hire, but it shows Elliot some of the reasons his mother is still sending him greetings on Valentine's Day.  Perhaps if he was more outgoing, like the other passenger sharing his ride, he'd have better luck?

Girl talk                                                          

17 min.

directed by Erica Rose

Why is our heroine crying by the end of this story?  She's had to make a lot of choices, and well ... it's complicated.

SILVERLAKE AFTERNOON                                 

11 min.

directed by Rebecca Holopter, Michael Osborne

Michael is 33 and he's never been with a guy, but today, he is taking that first, very risky, step.


15 min.

directed by Manuel Kinder, Jorge A. Trujillo

Beset on all sides by relatives and friends who want him to do something else, a 17-year old boy in Colombia somehow stays loyal to the only thing in his life that gives him joy.  

Something About Alex                                             

19 min.

directed by Reinout Hellenthal

Alex is a loner whose only confidant is his sister's boyfriend.  When Hendrik and Annelies announce their plans to leave the family home, Alex must face what is troubling him. 

TIM AND THE FLUTEBOY                                       

13 min.

directed by Lasse Nielsen

A boy of 13 is suicidal about being homosexual, but gets help from the ghost of the mysterious Fluteboy, who killed himself over the same issues years ago.


10 min.

directed by Benjamin Howard

Electric shock and images on screen were a popular way to attempt to "cure" homosexuality in the sixties. Too "Clockwork Orange?" This was real. And "conversion therapy" is still legal in 40 states. 

Half A Life                                                              

12 min.

directed byTamara Shogaolu

A young gay Egyptian has to choose whether to stay in the country he loves, despite open and brutal oppression of everything LGBT. 

I'M JUST HERE                                                             

17  min.

directed by Lara Aslanian

A suicide help line operator is devastated when a young queer girl just gives up during their conversation.   

NIGHT SHIFT                                                         

15 min.

directed by Chris Phillips

Two men with an intense shared past find themselves together again, and sparks fly.  

Mrs. Mccutcheon                                                 

14 min.

directed by John Sheedy

​Having always felt he was born in the wrong body and now at his third school, 10-year-old Tom is having trouble settling in and finding acceptance from his newfound peers - but a school dance is about to revolutionize it all. 


13 min.

directed by Robert John Torres

Part work of ethereal realism, part dance film, this contemporary-set short follows a young man facing the probability of an HIV+ diagnosis.


4 min.

directed by Michelle Ehlen

Award-winning singer/songwriter Jennifer Corday is literally set on fire by the sexy dominatrix Vixen Deville in this steamy rock and roll music video. 

Sam Did It                                                        

11 min.

directed by Dominic Burgess

Sam is about to meet his celebrity idol.  The only problem is, Sam works in a hospital morgue, and his idol is dead.


12 min.

directed by Elisa Oh

​​Ana fears that coming out to her Filipino Catholic mother would break her heart.  But when her mother needs help cleaning a hoarder house, Ana enlists her secret girlfriend for the job .

The Things You Think I'm Thinking                         

14 min.

directed by Sherren Lee

A black burn-survivor and amputee brings a regularly-abled man back to his apartment, where he attempts to experience intimacy for the first time since his accident, ten years ago.  


22 min.

directed by Mahaliyah Ayla O 

A closeted medical student risks being outed to her family the same evening a masked gunman opens fire at a gay nightclub.  

The Jealous Sea                                                     

13 min.

directed by Reid Waterer

When Carlos discovers pictures his photographer boyfriend took of a nude male model, he becomes engulfed in jealousy.   

THE FIX                                                                       

10 min.

directed by Ed Hancox

​Addicted to cocksucking?  When you work at a corn dog restaurant, it's an occupational hazard.

FIRST DAY                                                                  

18 min.

directed by Julie Kalceff

Hannah's first day of high school is a new school where she can wear a school uniform and not have to be bullied by mean girls who persecute her for being transgendered.  Or so she hopes.

Don't Fuck With England                                         

3 min.

directed by Rocket Ear

You heard the man.  

Foxy Trot                                                                 

15 min.

directed by Lisa Donato

Ballroom dance lessons by a heteronormative instructor raise unexpected issues for a lesbian couple.  

Magic H8 Ball                                                        

15 min.

directed by Dan Hass

The Phantasmagoria Of Offense : The Male Version 

7 min.

directed by Jess Irish

An animated lyric about the costs of censorship.  

The Cleanse                                                    

13 min.

directed by Lucas Omar

Kayden has to complete a Cleanse to join an elite group at school. No food. No sex. Just juice. Let the cravings begin.


8 min.

directed by Eugene Salandra

Animated history depicting the origin of the Radical Faeries.  It doesn't name names, but the spirit is there.  These guys were around before any of the men's groups we are familiar with today.  

THE SECRET STORY : How Medical Marijuana was Re-Legalized in the US                                          

16 min.​

​directed by Brian Applegarth

The true story of one of our community's genuine heroes, Dennis Peron, who, along with many dedicated supporters, risked incarceration repeatedly in their decades-long campaign to make medical marijuana available to all kinds of ailing people, especially people afflicted with AIDS.  

THE PrEP Project                                                   

13 min.

directed by Chris Tipton-King, Robyn Kopp  

Most of us are aware that there's a pill you can take every day that's more effective than condoms in preventing HIV transmission.  But there's a lot about Truvada that most people don't know, or haven't thought about. This film will fill in the blanks. 

NIGHT SHIFT                                                         

13 min.

directed by Chris Phillips

Two men with an intense shared past find themselves together again, and sparks fly.  

The DARE Project                                               

32 min.

directed by Adam Salky; written by David Bring

A rare pair of films, shot 14 years apart.  At 17, Ben was a closeted, outcast teenager who dared to connect with the untouchable Johnny during a champagne-fueled night in a swimming pool. What happened rocked both of their worlds in surprising ways. After high school they never saw each other again. Until now... 

Sweet And Sour                                                

6 min.

directed by Ann Sun

Wei believes his traditional Chinese mom might disapprove of his boy friend, and only decides to tell her when the BF insists.  He's in for a surprise.  

Intrinsic Moral Evil                                           

10 min.

directed by Harm Weistra

Three dancers weave what seems on the surface to be a tale of identity and coming of age.  But there are deeper levels.  Mesmerizing.


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