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Night of the Kings

Country: France | Côte d'Ivoire | Canada | Senegal, Language: French | Dyula , 93 mins

Original Title

La Nuit des Rois
  • Director: Philippe Lacôte
  • Writer: Philippe Lacôte
  • Producer: Delphine Jaquet; Ernest Konan; Yanick Létourneau

CGiii Comment

Set in Abidjan’s MACA prison, the aging Black Beard, in attempt to maintain control over his fellow inmates, resorts to a “story” ritual, wherein one prisoner is forced, Scheherazade-style, to tell stories for an entire night. The young pickpocket he chooses relays the haunting tale of the Zama King.


Cast & Characters

Issaka Sawadogo as Nivaquine
Rasmané Ouédraogo as Soni
Steve Tientcheu as Barbe Noire
Abdoul Karim Konaté as Lass
Laetitia Ky as The Queen
Bakary Koné as Roman