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Womb of Their Own (A)

Country: USA, Language: English, 85 mins

  • Director: Cyn Lubow
  • Producer: Istvan Jonyer

CGiii Comment

Can men have babies? Pregnant trans*men can!

Is someone out there - who is not afraid of breaching the politcally correct barrier that has been erected around the entire trans*discourse - going to address those great big elephants that are galumphing around the trans*room?!?

If a penis does not [help to] define you as a man...then, what does?!?

If giving birth does not [help to] define you as a woman...then, what does?!?

This film goes nowhere near to addressing those galumphing elephants!

Instead, we are served with endless testimonials on what it's like to be a man as opposed to being a woman - because, presumably, having been born female, every participant in this film seems to think that there are no more mysteries left to unravel between the sexes - because, they have experiences from both sides of the gender divide!


Never before has a film documented 'penis envy' in such a sustained and - frankly - disturbing manner! Whoever said that genitalia does not define your gender must be seething...because, all this film boils down to is [not] having a penis!!!

Yes...we've kind of side-stepped the main thrust of the film: Babies. Simply because it's not actually an issue. As long as the baby is loved and cared makes no difference what the gender of the parent[s] is[are]. And, all the 'babies' on show in this here film are - undoubtedly - loved!

When will we all - and that means absolutely everyone - just accept that the gender binary has never really existed - because this ain't a new phenomenon. There have always been straight-men, there have always been straight-women, there have always been trans*men, there have always been trans*women...there have always been gay-men, there have always been lesbian-women...just because the bible doesn't mention prefixes doesn't mean they don't exist. We live in the age of prefixes [commonly referred to as labels!].

We are all different...when a different 'party' wants to assimilate into an other 'party'...that's when the problems arise!

Be yourself, be who you are...accept and be proud of your prefix!!!

And...stop ignoring those galumphing elephants!


"A Womb Of Their Own" Clip - a film by Cyn Lubow from CLAi on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Psychotherapist Cyn Lubow launched a second career as a filmmaker four years ago. A 'masculine-of-center-gendered person who gave birth to two beautiful sons,' she wanted to explore the complexity of gender through the apparent contradiction of masculine identity and pregnancy. In A Womb of their Own Lubow introduces us to a charismatic, funny, thoughtful group of people who experience their gender as different than simply male or female. They are masculine-identified people who give birth to babies.